Medicare Lead GenerationYou have honed your sales skills to perfection, but first, you need leads! As an insurance broker focusing on Medicare policies, you must gather leads from a very specific, but highly motivated demographic. Here are five ways to reach into this expanding target group to find great leads who are ready to make a decision.

Get involved in your community. If you think about the most successful people in your area, one thing might come to mind: All of these people seem to be very involved in community events. Meeting people in person, cultivating a good reputation, and putting yourself in the middle of the action is how you naturally draw attention to yourself and your business.

Make sure to attend community health fairs, retirement seminars, or sponsor your own events. The goal is to mingle with the over-65 crowd.

Network with other professionals. In addition to socializing with leads themselves, start building your contacts with other professionals who can become a valuable source of referrals. Focus on building relationships with estate planning attorneys, retirement advisors, life insurance brokers, healthcare professionals, and so on. And remember to return the favor!

Ask your clients. It’s a tried and true rule of business: Happy customers are the best sources of new leads. Your clients will be happy to refer their friends and family members to you. You only need to ask!

Build your online presence. Yes, the over-65 crowd is very active online, from Googling information relevant to their needs, to communicating with family via email, to keeping up with friends on social media. The opportunity is ripe for a Medicare-focused broker to reach more leads than ever before.

Focus on building an attractive website that is easy to navigate. Optimize your content and boost your search rankings by publishing high-quality blogs rich in keywords. Then, build a social media following and a Google business profile. Top that off with email marketing once you begin to gather leads, and you’re off to a great start with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Partner with an experienced marketing team. Medicare policy sales is a full-time job already. Who has time to add an entirely secondary marketing career? By partnering with professionals who are experienced with Medicare marketing, you can begin to generate traffic and leads without the hours of hard work and diligent searching.

To learn more, contact us. We’ll show you how to put pieces in place that will help you to generate and convert Medicare leads more efficiently, allowing you to focus on what you do best: Matching your clients with the best Medicare policy for their needs.