You might already know that email provides one of the simplest, yet effective methods of marketing to your target demographic. That’s because email allows you to reach out directly to each member of your audience and deliver personal messages straight into their inbox.

With regard to the Medicare demographic and your Medicare marketing effort, email marketing is vital. These days, most seniors are active online. While they definitely participate in numerous arenas of digital life, email remains the most straightforward method of communication. It’s the electronic equivalent of snail mail, after all; that’s something seniors have been using all their lives. It feels natural to communicate by email.

Consequently, if you reach out to the over-65 demographic via email, you can deliver messages that help you to build a relationship.

Of course, as with all marketing endeavors, there are right and wrong ways to conduct your email marketing campaign. These tips will specifically help insurance professionals to get it right.

Medicare Health Insurance Email Marketing Tips

Be consistent. Decide upon the tone and content of your emails, and stick with that style. Being consistent helps you to brand yourself, so that your audience knows what to expect of you.

Choose a clear and readable format. Your readers need clear and concise information. Keep your emails short and to the point (a few hundred words at most). If you send out newsletters, format them so that each individual section is clearly separated and easy to find.

Reach out regularly, but not too much. Most people feel annoyed and begin to tune out when their email inbox is flooded with messages daily. But you definitely want to maintain a regular presence in the lives of your audience. Weekly or bi-weekly emails are appropriate for this purpose.

Provide value. Your emails should offer information that Medicare beneficiaries will value. Ask yourself about their common questions and concerns, and gear your content toward educating them about Medicare plans. Then, when you finally discuss their options in person or over the phone, your leads will be ready to make a decision.  Educated prospects are motivated prospects!

Include a call to action. Simply instructing your audience on their next steps can be a surprisingly powerful sales technique! Remind your audience to call you with any questions or to discuss their Medicare plan options, and they will often follow through.

Update your email database regularly. Emails are certainly more effective when they’re reaching the right people. Make sure that your website includes a contact form, and gather emails at marketing events. Continue to add new prospects to your email database, so that your contacts (and your sales) continue to grow.

Ask for help. Managing an email database, writing content, and maintaining a schedule can add up to a lot of work. Assign these tasks to a marketing professional, so that you can get back to what you do best. Call us to discuss a Medicare marketing strategy for your business. We will take care of the email marketing so that you can focus on the educated, motivated prospects who will soon come your way.