With billions of active, daily users, Facebook is a gold mine for insurance professionals. And yes, that goes for those of you who specialized in Medicare plans! More and more of the over-65 crowd are gravitating toward social media, and Facebook in particular. Your audience is ready and waiting for you.

But how do you reach that audience and form a relationship with them? These ten strategies will get you started toward a successful Facebook marketing campaign for your Medicare business.

Establish a business page. Resist the urge to use your personal Facebook account. Establishing a business page looks more professional, and will include some helpful tools behind the scenes (more on that in a moment).

Brand yourself. If you haven’t already, choose a logo and professional photo that you will use across social media, your website, and any other platform that you inhabit online. Consistency is key to helping your audience locate and trust you.

Use your business page to educate your audience. Post blogs, videos, news articles, and infographics containing up-to-date data. Ask yourself what type of information is relevant to the Medicare client, and seek to provide them with that information.

Schedule your posts. A Facebook marketing strategy for health insurance agents is just as important as any other business activity, if you’re wanting to grow your digital reach. Your audience expects to hear from you regularly, so schedule your posts to drop consistently at the right time.

Boost important posts. Facebook algorithms will show your posts to some of your audience some of the time. But when you want to reach more of them, boosting your posts for a small fee will earn you wider exposure. Try this approach with time-sensitive posts, such as reminders about Open Enrollment, or major news that impacts Medicare beneficiaries. They will appreciate your dedication to helping them.

Use Facebook’s ad features. Ads will help you target your exact audience, and help them find you. And the great part about Facebook ads is that the social media platform has already gathered all the demographic information that you need. Simply plug in your criteria, such as “over age 65” and a geographic area, and Facebook will deliver your ads to hundreds or even thousands of new viewers.

Experiment with your content. Check your page metrics to discover which posts receive the most likes, comments, and shares. Interaction signals the level of interest you’re generating in your audience. Now create more of the types of posts that have been successful, and ask yourself how you can improve on the content that didn’t receive much response.

Include calls to action. Sometimes, social media users just need a subtle push. Ask your audience members to follow your page, or to like or share your content. You will be amazed at how effective a few simple words can be!

Keep the lines of communication open. Remember, everyone appreciates interaction. So like or respond to comments on your posts, and start forming relationships with your target audience.

Consult with a professional. You’re already busy, focusing on matching clients with the right insurance plans. And you’re about to get even busier! Consult with a professional to handle your Facebook marketing campaign for you, and you can be sure experience and expertise is on your side. Give us a call to discuss your Medicare marketing strategy, and we will demonstrate how our system will work for you.