What are you hoping to accomplish with your online marketing strategy? The primary goals are usually to attract people in a targeted demographic, form relationships with them, and then nurture them into clients. So let’s focus on that first step: How do you begin to attract people online, specifically with regard to your insurance business?

A Medicare landing page provides the perfect solution. A landing page is a standalone web page, designed for one particular purpose. After clicking an ad for specific information, a person “lands” on a page designed to attract their attention and provide them with answers. Links distributed via targeted emails can also drive traffic to a landing page. 

How does a Medicare landing page work? This type of web page is crafted around a single call to action, or something you want your visitors to do. The page draws visitors who are looking for specific information, and asks them to do something in return for that information (in most cases, provide their contact information). 

The beauty of a landing page is that it can attract people who are already interested in your services. This type of lead is easier to convert, because they have self-initiated the process of learning about Medicare plans, and will soon be ready to make a decision. 

How is a Medicare landing page different from your general Medicare insurance website? Your website serves as your home on the web, allowing interested leads to learn more about you, research Medicare options, and simply discover basic information such as your location and contact details. But the downside of your general website is that visitors can become distracted by all of the information available, and overlook the thing you want them to do: Make contact with you. 

By contrast, a Medicare landing page is geared toward one purpose. People don’t get distracted by navigating through a complicated website, and they are more motivated to follow your call to action. 

Simply put, a landing page is designed to turn interested web traffic into potential clients much more efficiently. You can view a great example of a Medicare landing page here

How do you build a Medicare landing page? You start by asking yourself what your target demographic wants to know. What kind of information would they need, or what would be a tempting offer to email to them? 

Then you design a standalone web page to provide a tempting offer, with clear directions on what visitors should do next.  A landing page serves as a powerful tool, as it has the ability to pull people into your sales funnel and lead them through an educational process. Best of all, it performs a lot of the work for you, so that people receive the information they want/need automatically, without you needing to be present.  

For more information on building a compelling Medicare landing page, contact us with your questions. We will explain the process in more detail and help you build a page that works with your target demographic.