Today’s internet is busier than ever before!  Some statistics estimate that there are over 2 billion active websites… yep, that’s BILLION.

With all of those websites vying for the attention of web surfers, it takes a significant effort to capture some of it yourself.

Now consider all of the health insurance agents that are competing against you both online and offline.  If you want to gain an advantage over them, especially online, you’ll need to do something that is bigger, better, stronger, and different!

Most agents and agencies within your local area probably already have company websites.  So your goal is to generate new leads for your business via the internet, quite often it just isn’t good enough to only have a company website.


Yes, having a well developed, content-rich, modern website for your business is a “must” these days, but having a company site only makes you one of the “me too” crowd, since your competitors also have them.  Taking that next step and converting your web visitors into new clients may require an entirely different “animal”.


Here’s Why You May Need an Authority Site…

Seniors have become more and more internet savvy, and they are fully aware of the abundance of information available on almost any topic.  They understand that they can gather bits and pieces of data from a multitude of different websites in order to fully research anything they want.   That’s great for them, but a big challenge for you!

While your company website might provide a general overview of the services you provide, rarely will it provide in-depth information and answer all questions, especially on a topic as complex as Medicare.

At one time, that was actually the strategy… give people basic information to capture their interest, and then have them call or contact you for more.  But more often than not, that strategy fails to convert a website visitor to a prospect who contacts your office or schedules an appointment.  Instead, it just chases the visitor away, in search of the information that they could not find on your company site!

Today, in addition to company websites, “Authority Sites” have risen in popularity and necessity. An Authority Site is designed to answer the users’ queries, provide valuable content, and serve as a consistent resource on a very detailed topic. These websites are more comprehensive and provide a greater depth of information for the visitor.  They tend to become recognized as a dependable authority on their subject matter.

They take more time and effort to create, but they also do a far better job of establishing your “authority” in a particular industry.  Thus, they built more trust, rapport, and credibility between you and the visitor.

Once a website has achieved this level of recognition, it can be leveraged in a number of ways that benefit both the user and the publisher.


The Benefits of Building a Medicare Authority Site Include:

  1. When users find a website relevant and helpful, they share it with others who have the same questions.  So you do less work over the long run in order to attract traffic to your site.
  2. The goal of your site is so clearly defined that building them can actually be easier (you’ll typically spend the bulk of your time creating content for an Authority Site)
  3. Because both internet users and search engines prefer them, authority sites hold more value over the long term.
  4. Authority Sites provide genuine value to their users, which builds credibility and trust.
  5. Links will tend to “stick”, because others recognize that the link is relevant and valuable.
  6. HIgh-quality sites earn more organic links and shares.
  7. The creator gains the satisfaction of knowing they’re providing true value.

The end goal of creating a Medicare Authority Site is to become a “go-to” source for information on a specific topic. We do this by providing properly researched, relevant, and up-to-date information, and then arranging that information so that the site is easily navigable for the average user. Once the user feels satisfied at the accuracy and value of the information provided, they return time and again. They also refer others to the website, so traffic grows organically and high-quality leads are easily attracted to the site.

From there, the creator can leverage the website for a number of purposes, from lead generation to lead conversion to referrals. An Authority Site can generate new business and profits that are not usually attainable with a regular company website.

Our program can put a Medicare Authority Site in place for you in a matter of days!  There’s no need to spend months and thousands of dollars to create one on your own.