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Effective marketing solutions for health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Medicare Marketing 24/7 branded image
An advanced approach to Medicare Agent Marketing

An effective website is critical for your agents to maximize their marketing efforts.

In the insurance industry, a quality website is a great way to develop confidence and credibility with potential customers.
As an FMO, providing a high-quality website and digital marketing strategy will not only help your agents boost their sales, but it will also help you to recruit and retain more agents.
Build relationships with a broker approved marketing platform
Our Marketing Platform Helps Agents
Build and Maintain Relationships with Clients.
With the right marketing campaign, your team can build trust and brand authority, boost digital engagement, and ultimately increase overall results in the years to come.
Agent marketing tools for health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Common Marketing Challenges for Medicare Agencies & FMOs

Medicare marketing challenges faced by FMOs increase exponentially because you are serving thousands of agents. It takes a significant team to build and maintain website solutions for Medicare sales agents. FMOs running in-house Medicare marketing programs are carrying substantial expenses and time commitments. Common challenges include:

It’s a distraction to your core business to hire full-time employees for these tasks, such as developers, programmers, copywriters, and experienced digital marketers.

One simple solution to minimize these expensive staffing costs is to outsource Medicare marketing for FMOs.

Investing in marketing is a significant cost burden, especially when you are maintaining in-house staff members. Some FMOs view traditional marketing as cost-prohibitive, so they set these efforts on the back burner.

If you are going to invest in Medicare marketing, then it’s critical to choose a team that offers reliable results to add to your bottom line.

When agents navigate the digital arena on their own and create website content, it’s easy to violate compliance guidelines.

The key is to hire an outsourced team with experience in the insurance industry. This industry knowledge is critical to avoid potential compliance issues.

When agents are choosing an FMO, they are looking for full-service solutions.

Agents understand the importance of digital marketing tools and expect their FMO to be at the forefront of marketing. Implementing a digital marketing system in your FMO gives you an industry edge for recruiting.

While all FMOs face these challenges, it’s simple to overcome digital roadblocks by hiring a reputable Medicare marketing team to assist.

Agent lead generation for health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Turnkey Medicare Website Solutions

The good news is that you can provide quality digital marketing for your agents with turnkey systems such as Medicare Marketing 24/7.

Compare the cost and efficiency of a turnkey website service, and it’s easy to see why outsourcing is a preferred method over starting from scratch with in-house marketing employees.

Turnkey Medicare websites offer a variety of benefits for FMOs and the agents they serve.

Our websites incorporate the most modern and user-friendly features you would expect in a health insurance website. Request a demo to watch a video overview.

You team could spend months working on the design, content, development and strategy of a website solution for your agents.  This comes at a high price to your organization – not only in terms of dollars but also in time and productivity.  Medicare Marketing 24/7 is fully functional and ready to use NOW, allowing your team to remain as efficient as possible.

With a turnkey website system in place, we can have a website up and running for an agent in just a few days!   When you work with our Medicare marketing pros, your new agents can have an online presence almost immediately and your experienced agents can add another tool to their marketing arsenal.

Compliant content and marketing practices for health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Medicare Content: Fully Managed and Compliant

There’s a reason that expert marketers stand by the phrase that Content is King. You must maintain specific compliance standards in the insurance industry, which can be tricky to navigate when working on a content marketing campaign.

An experienced Medicare marketing provider understands the most effective ways to navigate compliance, helping you create quality while also maintaining industry requirements. Your outsourced marketing team can offer full-service content publishing. Or, your in-house staff members can consult with a Medicare marketing provider to develop custom content for the agent’s websites.

Our team of highly proficient writers, developers, and marketers works in concert with your compliance officers to assure that our web content is 100% compliant, 100% of the time.

Email newsletter tools for health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Medicare Marketing Email Newsletters

Ongoing email messaging is a great way to help agents maintain communication and build rapport with clients, prospects, referral partners, leads, and networks. Regardless of the industry, consistent email marketing is proven to improve client retention and generate more referrals.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to use email marketing as a way to help establish your agents as authorities in the Medicare industry. Create thought leadership by sharing quality content. As a team experienced in Medicare marketing for FMOs, we understand the most effective talking points to build credibility through email marketing and content publishing.

Event promotion and registration for health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Online Event Promotion and Registration

As you already know, in-person and virtual events are critical for establishing industry relationships and supporting business-building efforts – especially among the senior population. Seniors love the opportunity to socialize at events and meet other people.

Our Premium monthly package incorporates functionality that allows your agents to promote events with their Medicare website. Critical event features include:

  • Embedded calendar to notify website visitors about upcoming events
  • Full event description, such as the date, time, and location
  • Event registration and collecting attendee information
  • Promotional tools to share the event through email and social media
  • Recording to provide ongoing educational opportunities for your current and potential clients

These digital features support the success of your event by increasing attendance and participation and ultimately leading to more sales for the agent.

Social media marketing for agents of health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Senior-Targeted Social Media Content

Did you know that seniors are one of the fastest-growing demographics on social media? As seniors become more tech-savvy, they increase their use of social media to connect with family and friends. Social media is a golden opportunity for insurance agents to build relationships with potential and current Medicare clients.

Insurance agents know that they need to establish a more substantial social media presence, but they don’t know where to start. Even if an agent sets up a social media presence, it’s challenging to maintain an ongoing publishing schedule.

The most challenging aspect of social media marketing is developing content that is both stimulating and interesting. Then, you need a system for sharing the content on social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. A proactive content publishing strategy is the prerequisite to create the content necessary for social media interactions.

Our Premium Package expands your agents’ Medicare marketing efforts by including regular social media posts.

Marketing strategies for agents of health insurance FMOs and agencies
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Proven Medicare Marketing Strategies for FMOs

Rest assured, knowing that we are here to support you every step of the way! Our team has the experience and skills you need to implement an effective Medicare marketing strategy for your FMO. We offer hands-on care to launch your digital presence and offer the ongoing guidance your agents need to succeed.

If you are interested in learning more, then we invite you to reach out for a conversation with one of our team members. Simply submit a support ticket, and we’ll provide the answers you seek!

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