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Why is a Medicare Sales Funnel Important?

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the term “sales funnel” and perhaps you even have some experience using one or setting one up.

For health insurance agents looking to boost their Medicare marketing efforts online, a Medicare sales funnel is a must.

A sales funnel automates your marketing process while simultaneously making it scalable, consistent, reliable, and predictable.   Over time, it will help you to convert more prospects into clients using a model that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That’s the premise of Medicare Marketing 24/7 – marketing strategies that work for you, even when you aren’t working!

What Exactly is a Medicare Sales Funnel?

A Medicare sales funnel is simply an automated way of engaging with a new prospect and taking them through a process of information and education.  As you already know, when someone is about to turn 65, there is quite a bit that they need to learn about Medicare.  An automated sales funnel can provide this information in bite-sized pieces that help your prospect to receive the info they need, but in a manner that optimizes your time because you do not need to be present in order to make it happen.

Components of a sales funnel include (click a box to read more):

You must have a way of allowing prospects to request information and give their permission for you to contact them.  A successful landing page must have a very clear message that explains exactly what they will receive in exchange for them granting this permission.  Read more about landing pages in the next section.

Once a prospects requests more information, they immediately and automatically begin receiving a pre-scripted series of emails.  These emails are strategically constructed to provide education and encourage the prospect to contact you directly.  They are sent at timed intervals and must provide the prospect with value.  They should help you to build rapport and credibility with the recipient.

Let’s face it, Medicare recipients can find information online in MANY places, but we want them to get it from YOU!  The content on your landing page and within your email messages must be compelling, educational, comprehensive, and interesting.  If it is too basic, too complicated, too long, too short, or too “boring”, the reader will simply ignore it and look for other sources.  Therefore, considerable time and strategy is required craft the perfect messaging within your Medicare sales funnel.

As you might have already gathered, building a Medicare sales funnel is rarely a fast, easy, or simple thing to do… and that’s why most health insurance agents don’t have one!  It could take the average agent months to put it all together.

Luckily, we’ve shouldered all of the work and can provide you with a solution that is fully functional and ready to go to work for you in a matter of just days!

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Medicare Landing Page

Our Medicare sales funnel begins with a well-designed landing page and includes the following components (click a box to read more):

Statistics have long shown that a landing page with video converts as much as 80% better than a landing page without video (Insivia Industries, 2018).

With that in mind, we incorporate a call-to-action video within our Medicare landing page that explains why the viewer should opt-in and what they will get when they do.

If you expect people to opt-in on your landing page, you must have a compelling reason for them to do so.  As we’ve stated previously, Medicare recipients can get information just about anywhere, so your offer must be strong and valuable.

We have created a Medicare “Video Quick-Course” that can easily be downloaded and viewed by your target audience.  This quick-course is approximately 10 minutes of video that clearly explains multiple aspects of Medicare coverage and helps potential beneficiaries to understand how Medicare works.  Once they opt-in to view the quick-course, it is immediately and automatically delivered to them via email.

When a visitor goes to a landing page, they immediately want to know “what’s in it for them?”

Our Medicare landing page clearly tells that visitor who the intended audience

Your turnkey Medicare landing page is branded exclusively to you!  Your company name, your logo, your colors, and your contact information.

Any leads generated from your Medicare landing page are yours and only yours, they are never sold or given to another agent.

Registration on your landing page not only automatically delivers your offer to your prospect, but it also launches them into the “meat” of your Medicare sales funnel.

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Automated Email Drip Campaign

Through experience, you have probably already discovered that people will often need to hear/read/watch information multiple times and in multiple ways before they fully comprehend it.  Given the complexity of Medicare, this certainly holds true when someone is new to Medicare and needs to understand how it works.

We have kept this fact in mind when designing the series of automated emails that is delivered to your prospect after they opt-in on your landing page.

We’ve broken down the essential components of Medicare and deliver them in bite-sized emails sent over the course of a week.  These emails each explain a different aspect of Medicare coverage and they direct the reader back to your website for additional information.

The emails are branded exclusively to you and they also encourage the reader to contact you directly for specific plan information and enrollment.

But what about new prospects that come to you from sources outside of your landing page, such as referrals or friends/family?  Can they also receive your automated emails?  Read on…

Use Your Medicare Sales Funnel With All Your New Leads and Prospects

Your Medicare sales funnel can be used with ANY of your leads/prospects!

New leads likely come to you every week from a variety of sources:

  • Referrals
  • Friends/Relatives
  • Professionals such as Financial Planners, Attorneys, CPAs, or Physicians
  • Community networking groups such as BNI, Rotary, or your Chamber of Commerce

Any time you get a new lead, you can enter them into your sales funnel and send them your automated series of emails.  This helps you to build rapport and credibility with the new lead and increases your conversion rates.

And remember, it happens automatically so your business grows without substantially increasing your workload!

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