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5 Ways a Blog Helps You Close More Medicare Sales

June 1, 2021

If you’re an insurance agent today, you understand that your website represents you online and it helps you to connect with your target audience. You also know that staying in touch and remaining relevant to that audience is one of the keys to your success. So it’s no wonder that blogging has become a crucial component to to the careers of successful insurance agents. Consistent and informative articles help to improve your Medicare marketing in five important ways.

Blog articles can connect you with your audience. Staying in touch with the target audience has always been a key component to sales. Today, you can publish one blog article that reaches hundreds or thousands of viewers over many weeks (or even years). Providing your audience with answers to their questions helps to elevate your status in their eyes. You become the expert on Medicare, and then whom do you think they will call when they want to investigate their Medicare plan options?

Blogging helps you stand out from the crowd. Anyone can Google information on Medicare and search results will display dozens of websites that all provide the same or similar answers. Why would your target customers decide to follow your site? Because you regularly publish articles on topics they care about, and your writing portrays you as a real human being behind that computer screen. Most people prefer to buy from someone they know.

Blogging provides terrific social media content. You know that social media provides another excellent avenue to connect with your target audience, but people need a reason to follow you on Facebook or Linked. Posting helpful and accurate information is one way to inspire them to click that “like” button.

Blogging keeps you “top of mind”. By regularly reaching out to your audience, you can stay “top of mind”. This works not only to boost sales with those who read your content, but it also inspires your readers to recommend you to their friends. And of course, anyone in sales knows that referrals have always been a valuable source of new business.

Blogging drives traffic to your website.  Successful Medicare marketing for insurance agents will require you to generate traffic to your website. Blog articles can pull traffic to your website via the search engines, social media, and even links within emails that you distribute to your audience. Over time, this results in more website visitors being added into  your sales funnel, and that means more eventually proceeding to the bottom where they become profitable to you.

Of course, we realize that not everyone has the time or inclination to write and post weekly blog articles. If you want to get started but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of yet another task, consider joining Medicare Marketing 24/7 where the job of content creation is done for you!



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