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What is a Medicare Sales Funnel and Why Savvy Agents Use Them

June 16, 2021

Medicare sales funnelIf you work in any form of sales, you probably know about sales funnels. The idea is that you attract prospects to the top of the funnel (the “interested” or “just looking” phase), and then nurture them along to the bottom (the commitment and purchase phase).

But what happens in the middle of the funnel? How do you progress your Medicare sales funnel so that it helps you to convert prospects into new clients?

The process is actually divided into five parts, with each part specifically designed for the target’s needs and state of mind within that phase.

Step One: Attract leads with a valuable offer. Ask yourself what questions your target demographic is asking as they compare their options. The insurance professionals who do a great job answering important questions will build trust with their prospects, and are more likely to make a sale in the future.

Now create a product that answers those questions, such as a webinar presentation, and offer it to leads for free. In order to design your offer to best meet consumer needs, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Presentations should last about 20-30 minutes; long enough to explain the topic thoroughly, but not so long that the audience loses interest
  • Make the offer instantly available; many will not return at a future date
  • Remind your audience that the presentation is just a general overview, and that one-on-one consultation is the best way to obtain answers specifically geared toward their situation
  • Include calls to action so that your audience understands what steps to take next (call you, make an appointment, etc)

Make sure your offer stands apart from the competition. Provide something a little bit different or utilize a unique presentation.

Step Two: Create a landing page. Before giving you their time, your audience wants to know how your offer will benefit them. Build a landing page on your website to explain how your webinar, workshop, or other offer will answer their questions and help to solve their problems.

Step Three: Utilize email software. Integrate an email software program with your landing page, so that you can contact prospects to begin the nurturing process. After leads register for your offer, an email drip campaign will allow for multiple points of contact to build a relationship.

Step Four: Draft email messages. Now you should create a series of emails that build upon your presentation material. Ask yourself what other questions prospects might have now, and seek to provide that information. Embedded videos can boost interest and response rates.  This step should be automated using email software such as GetResponse or Active Campaign and the content of your emails should be timeless so it can be appropriate for any prospect at any time.

Over time you will build trust, and your contacts will come to view you as the expert on Medicare. Remember to include a call to action in each email, so that leads will be reminded to contact you when they’re ready to talk one-on-one. 

Step Five: Drive traffic to your site. Now that your sales funnel is all set up, how do you attract leads to your free offer at the top of the funnel? You need to get the word out, and attract visitors to your landing page. These days, social media offers one of the best ways to accomplish this task.

For a relatively small investment, you can boost posts or create targeted ads that inform the right audience of your presentation. For insurance agents who work with Medicare prospects, this part of the process is critical. You only want to attract those who are eligible for Medicare, and luckily most social media sites allow you to carefully select an audience based on age.

Then, design an ad to grab attention from your prospects, and wait for those contacts to pour into your website’s landing page.

And finally… Step Six? Contact us for help. The above steps sound like a lot of work, but we’ve streamlined the process for you. We’ve already created a Medicare Quick Course, a six-part educational video series on Medicare. Then we integrate this course into a landing page, set up an email drip campaign, and design social media advertisements to attract your target demographic.

The entire process is turnkey and automated for you.  You focus on traffic and getting people into your Medicare sales funnel, and then the automation takes over.  You have streamlined your processes, made your business more scalable, and lightened your workload.  Bottom line… your job has become easier!

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