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How Turnkey Medicare Websites Save Agents Time and Money

June 24, 2021

An online presence is essential in the insurance industry, but individual health insurance agents don’t typically have the time or technical skills to build their own websites.  As a result, they spend months of time and thousands of dollars outsourcing the task of building a site that often doesn’t help them to grow their business.  Commonly, their new site lacks the depth of content to sufficiently engage a Medicare audience, lacks a significant Medicare lead generation strategy, and lacks an ongoing system of education and nurturing required to convert a prospect into a new client.

Instead of building a website from scratch and trying incorporate an effective Medicare marketing strategy, it’s far more effective for agents to utilize a turnkey Medicare website with all of the necessary components already created.

These systems are designed with the Medicare insurance industry in mind, giving you access to a fast and easy solution to get your website up and running right away.

Benefits of Medicare Marketing Websites

Some of the most common challenges of building a website can be overcome by working with a team that specializes in turnkey Medicare websites. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from these services:

  1. No Need to Find a Web Designer: If you are working as the project manager for your website design, then you carry the responsibility of finding the right providers to design the site, create the content, and establish your digital presence. Finding a web designer can be a challenge because you don’t know their reputation or results.
  2. Fast Website Setup: When you engage the services of a website designer, it usually takes weeks or even months before the finished product is ready to launch. In comparison, a turnkey provider can have your new site online in a matter of days.
  3. Save Money on Design Costs: The costs of building a website can add up, especially when you aren’t familiar with the industry. How much should you spend on website design and development? The truth is that your expenses are lower when you choose a turnkey Medicare website instead of designing a site from scratch.
  4. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses: A custom website creation often costs much more than what you are paying the designer. Other related costs start to add up, such as the expense of buying stock photos for your website or paying a writer to create content for each service page.
  5. Access Specialty Services: Our turnkey Medicare websites are full-service solutions, including everything you need for a professional site. You don’t have to spend time and effort choosing colors, images, or writing the content. Instead, let our pro team handle the details so you can focus on customer service and building your insurance business.
  6. Integrated Marketing Strategy: It’s important to note that these turnkey services are much more than getting your website online. A reputable provider offers additional support to help with the visibility and reach of your Medicare marketing website.
  7. Ensure Compliance in the Insurance Industry: You need to work with a website team that understands compliance requirements in the insurance industry. These turnkey Medicare website solutions for FMOs are great, so you can avoid the risk of agents posting non-compliant material.

The truth is that many insurance agents don’t have a strong web presence because they struggle to find an easy and affordable solution on their own or through their FMO. When utilizing a turnkey Medicare focused website, the process becomes faster, easier, and more affordable.

Our team offers far more than basic website services. We save you time and money by providing a proven marketing strategy incorporated with your Medicare website. For more information about how we help insurance agents and FMOs, reach out to learn more about our Medicare marketing website services.

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